Tips for Bottle Feeding Your Baby

Feeding baby is one of the many challenges shared by new parents. It may seem that feeding time is easy, but there are many obstacles that can make feeding more difficult than necessary. Keep the tips below in mind when you ask how can I make baby feeding easier los angeles county ca and you’ll succeed with flying colors!

Burp Your Baby

Burp baby after every 2 oz. of formula consumed, or after three to five-minutes of feeding. This keeps air bubbles out of baby’s tummy, which results in less gas and fussiness. Nothing else is more important!

Check the Bottle

Most parents prefer to give their baby warm formula. If you’re among them, make sure to test the temperature of the bottle to ensure that it’s not too hot for baby. Also, make sure that microwave heating isn’t used to warm the bottle.

Feed More Often

For many parents, less frequent format more often works best for their baby’s nutritional needs -and it may help you rest and relax more, too. Consider less formula and more feedings especially when bloating and gassiness issues ensue.

how can I make baby feeding easier los angeles county ca

Accessorize the Nursery

Many accessories make feeding baby so much easier than you imagined possible. Baby bottle holders, pillows, and a slew of additional items are affordable and make this time less of a hassle.

Keep Baby’s Head Elevated

Keeping baby’s head elevated while feeding is also important -and a trick that works to keep fussiness down. Do not use a pillow or wedge to prop up baby for feeding because this poses choking risks and other dangers.

Final Thought

Feeding time is a great time to bond with your baby. But, there are some challenges that may cause difficulty. Use the tips above to ensure that you overcome any and all feeding obstacles ahead of time.