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Labor Party Leader Cautiously Welcomes Vienna Talks

When it comes to global politics, the Syrian government has been for the past few decades heating the headlines, and the Islamic state is so not yet done. The leader of the labor party, Jeremy Corbyn, has applauded the Vienna talks whose primary aims are to create mutual understanding between Western nations and Russia with regards to the Syrian political conflict and the current war against the Islamist Terrorist organization, ISIS or the Islamic State.

Corbyn has repeatedly called for the need for resolving the war in Syria through consensus and an amicable political settlement. While welcoming the progress made in Vienna talks, Corbyn also conceded that the negotiations would likely face hurdles and difficulties. He asserted that the most notable difficulty facing the talks is the insistence by Russia that the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, must remain at the helm in Syria, despite the fact that his government has been accused of deploying chemical weapons against civilians living in areas under rebel control.

Corbyn has repeatedly reiterated that the Islamic state requires a ‘Technical government’, which would come in handy in uniting all the various factions without fostering sectarianism. Moreover, he also raised the issue of Saudi Arabia arming Islamist terrorists besides criticizing the media for largely ignoring the recent terror attacks in Lebanon.

According to confidential sources, Jeremy has been quoted saying ‘more loss and mayhem’ could arise from any possible military response in Syria. According to sources linked to the BBC, the labor party leader has also been quoted questioning the impact of air strikes on the Islamic state but at the same time he has been influential in calling for a political calm and solution oriented talks in the country. The opposition leader has been categorical in providing feedback regarding his position on whether attack on IS by French militants would be fruitful. In what seems to be a controversial statement, Jeremy states that solutions need to be sought otherwise.